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Need help staging, buying, selling, redesigning or even DIY-ing your home? The RE/MAX 'Own It' series gives you expert advice.

Small Cost, Big Impact Updates

You don't need a big budget to spruce up your home for sale. Interior designer Carriann Johnson talks about seemingly small (and inexpensive) projects that have a big impact on your home's appeal

Features that Date Your Home

Does your home transport homebuyers to a different time and era? It might be time to make some updates. Interior designer Carriann Johnson tells you what to swap out.

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Real Estate 101

Here are some Realtor business tools that will also benefit anyone looking to sell or buy a new home.

Speaking of Real Estate

Speaking of Real Estate is your opportunity to talk about real estate with the editors of REALTOR® magazine. Every week, we share stories as they’re developing and give you the opportunity to provide input

Who pays the Realtor in MD

The Realtor's brokerage fee is paid by the seller as a cost of sale.

Market Statistics

Find the premier measurement of the residential real estate market, with the real estate sales statistics and housing market data in your area.


We are available to meet with you to discuss your upcoming needs at no charge. Any of our experts will help you to solve any problem that you have. They will show you how to move in the right direction to achieve the tasks and goals.

Full-time Realtor

Becoming a successful agent is etremely hard. It is a combination of investing time in education, investing money, and a lot of dedication. Every member of our team is a full time Realtor. We are here to help you anytime.


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